Most obvious reasons of having an agent present 24/7 for instant support through the site

Most obvious reasons of having an agent present 24/7 for instant support through the site

Mostly when a site offers Website Live Chat or a Virtual Chat Agent they may need to be sure that the Live Online Chat service they are offering is reliable and is available to make sure the customers will get all the information they need and on time.

The sites in Australia, that use Live Chat services throughLivePerson or Live Chat Software like Olark and LiveAgent may offer or may not offer a 24/7 virtual agent services. Companies do need a live chat for website that may not be offered all the time and can be used on an occasional basis when there is a high load of work

But it has been seen that if the companies offer live chat for 27/7 they tend to get better comprehension of customer's issues because they are always there to help.

In contrast to this if the company has no 24/7 services through live chat, there may be certain times when the customer may return feeling disappointed and ambiguous and may not return to the site just because they don't find sufficient help for the issues they are facing.

So, it is quite obvious that when you have a live chat service you should make its reliable enough for your customers and help them understand what you offer and how your company is better and different and how much the company values its customers.

All these things would contribute in increasing the level of trust and will help in increasing the reliability of the company s well.

So the most obvious reason would be the trust and the reliability that you need to develop with your potential customers and users of the site so that the company's agent will always be there to help in case when the users need help and need to get instant and reliable support.

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